Simple Music Transfers

Transfer your favorite music between services to keep your meticulously created music library intact. All for free.

Transfer Your Music

Get started by connecting your music services and selecting the music you want to transfer. We do the heavy lifting so you can keep on jamming to the music you know and love.

Quick Transfer Process

Transferring your music is not only simple, it's fast! Most playlists are matched and transferred in a few seconds. Our intelligent matching algorithm assures users exact matches.

Review Matches

For the best transfers, you need perfect matches. Rest assured using our Match Review process you'll only transfer the music you want. For further control, our Re-Match feature makes it easy to search for custom matches.

Direct Importing

Importing from links is one of the ways we help transfer music found online easier. Where ever you find music recommendations, we help get those songs to the service you want.

Widespread Service Support

At 11 services, SongShift allows easy transfers to and from every popular music streaming service. Additionally, we are constantly improving SongShift by adding more services that are requested by our users.

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Nick Douglas

For iPhone users, SongShift is your best bet. It has a clean, self-explanatory interface, and it’s just $4 for unlimited use (free to try). SongShift works great for juggling two services longterm.

Federico Viticci

Performance and accuracy of transfers have always been SongShift’s core advantages over similar apps, and both aspects have continued to grow since the app’s debut.

Jeff Benjamin

But as someone deeply entrenched into the Apple-ecosystem, I feel compelled to stick with Apple Music. SongShift helps me to enjoy great Spotify playlists, like Discover Weekly, right inside of Apple Music.

Anthony Bouchard

I think SongShift is a great solution to those wanting to switch from Spotify to Apple Music without spending the time to re-create their lengthy playlists manually.

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